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Lilinette Q. Mido (WIP)

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Lilinette Q. Mido (WIP)

Post by Guest on Tue 5 Jan 2016 - 8:52

Name: Lilinette Quinzell Mido
Title: The Fallen Angel
Age: 105 years old
Birth Date: February 13th
Gender: Female
Rank: Crystal「水晶」
Race: Vampire
Faction: Dragon Fang
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 119 pounds
General Appearance:

History: Born into the Fairy Kingdom, Lilinette was an active member of the society. Constantly buzzing around, trying to find various ways to help out. She even apprentinced a member of the fairy council, and was on her way to becomming a member herself. That is, until her parents were murdered by a giant while they were out looking for wood, they were just... accidently stepped on. A freak accident. Once that happened, it was all down hill. She dropped her position as an apprentance, and layed in her room most of the days. Friends would come to visit, but with no sucess in soothing the creatures spirits and helping her out of bed. Years past, 392f years to be exact. It was then she decided that it was time to stop

Face Claim: Deadman Wonderland- Shiro


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