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Seraphine Rosawette {W.I.P.}

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Seraphine Rosawette {W.I.P.}

Post by Guest on Wed 30 Dec 2015 - 15:04

Name: Seraphine Rosawette
Title: Midnight's Maiden | Maiden of the Blade
Age: 24
Birth Date: January 1
Gender: Female
Rank: C - Emerald
Race: Human
Faction: Phoenix Fire

  • Self-Possessed: Seraphine is one who will always show a side of calmness and tame composure. The air around her often gives off a feeling of confidence and nobility. Sometimes this personality trait of hers hides the kindness she has in her heart, so it might seem that she doesn't care for anyone other than herself. Nonetheless, Seraphine is a poised woman of high standards and gas a lot of care for her subordinates.
  • Resolute: Being a Holy Knight, Seraphine has an unwavering sense of duty, and knows no shame in having an adamant will. She is determined to finish through her tasks without failure, and she will not settle for an incomplete mission. It does not mean she has no patience when having to wait on certain results or other things, for she was trained to be that kind of person.
  • Not Very Forgiving: Despite having a fairly decent nature, Seraphine has a bit of a negative side to her. She is not one who tolerates the incompetence in others, nor does she tolerate her own incapabilities when they appear. It might even result in punishment that tends to be a little harsh.

Height: Five Feet and Seven Inches (5"10' with footwear)
Weight: 120 lbs
General Appearance: While it may not be the ideal attire for a Holy Knight, Seraphine has a customized uniform for herself to set her apart from the ordinary knight. She wears a long, cream-colored dress with flowing layers that frill at the ends and cream-colored boots that add three inches to her height. The dress has no sleeves and extends down to her ankles. At the sides, starting just below her breasts and stopping at the waist, it exposes her skin, but a series of black, crossing bands sewn in make it less noticeable. At the neck of her dress is a black, feathery collar, which matches the belt she wears around her waist. Seraphine has a feminine build that conceals her athletic capabilities. Her hair is waist-length and a striking silver, adding to her already unique appearance.


Face Claim:

Grandmaster Knight


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