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Jikura, A Child of Blood

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Jikura, A Child of Blood

Post by Guest on Mon 21 Dec 2015 - 5:27

Jikura Ferid, Child of Blood

Name: Jikura Ferid
Title: "Child of Blood", "Blood's Descent"
Age: 20 (Technically 200)
Birth Date: December 25
Gender: Male
Rank: Crystal
Race: Vampire
Faction: Vespa Aegis
Personality: Jikura is, despite his kin, a pretty damn nice person. While he enjoys the many vampire routine, he never really kills his targets unless they try to kill him first. He is very sociable, and is able to get into conversations easily. He is also able to easily get info from people, which is one of his dark traits. He knows what words to use, how to say them, all to get the person to tell him what he wants. He feels a bit dirty when doing it, but oh well. It's all worth it it in the end.

In a social situation, Jikura is one that laughs at EVERYTHING, regardless of if it's funny or not. He’s very positive, and outgoing. He is also a little too trustworthy of people, and may not notice if someone is simply using him or not. He gets close to people pretty easily, and cares about his friends not more, but not less than he does care about himself.

But the most important thing to Jikura is his family. He cares about them more than anything in the world, and spends lots of time with them. If anything ever happened to them, well.... he wouldn't be able to imagine what he'd do.
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 226.25 lbs
General Appearance: Jikura is a handsome young man, standing at 6'3", and weighing not much at 226 pounds. He is fairly skinny, and has blue eyes and blonde hair. He often wears casual wear, to attempt to fit in with the humans that are all around him in Liones. He looks like a 15 year old, though being 200 years old.

History: Jikura was born in a normal family. Well, if you'd count a family full of Vampires normal, that is. He was raised a vampire, born a vampire, all that jazz. His parents were cool, nothing really bad happened to him most of the time. That was until the humans attacked.

They came to his homeland, raided the vampires, and began to take some back to the labs in Liones. He was tested along with 20 others; however, he was the only one at all who happened to survive the testing.

However, the testing made him burst with power, and break out of that lab; before eventually running off into the woods. A so-called 20 year old man, he began to gather info one where he was.

Within a week, he was able to figure out where he was, deduce why he was here, and all that cool stuff. But, he still had a mission. he needed to find out where his parents were, and what they were doing. He needed to know if they were safe... he treasured them more than anything else. So, off he went in order to search the land.

He wasn’t getting much more info, so he would have to resort to something. He joined the Vespa Aegis, in hope of gaining information from their library..

This was where his story began....

Face Claim: Mikaela Hyakuya - Owari no Seraph


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Re: Jikura, A Child of Blood

Post by Guest on Tue 22 Dec 2015 - 3:39

I believe I am done.


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Re: Jikura, A Child of Blood

Post by Kami on Tue 22 Dec 2015 - 5:49


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Re: Jikura, A Child of Blood

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