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Kurix "Krow" Inneshu

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Kurix "Krow" Inneshu

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 19, 2015 11:07 am

Name: Kurix "Krow" Inneshu
Title: Cherry Blossom Knight, Harlequin, King of the Fey
Age: Fairy: 1420 Human: 17
Birth Date: April 20
Gender: Male
Rank: C - Emerald
Race: Fairy
Faction: Dawn Roar
Personality: Kurix has two personalties as a coin has two sides.  The human side Krow, in which he has taken to disgrace himself for not saving his kin from being slaughtered by a demon, is where he  is a carefree, nonchalant, lazy, loyal teenager that is trying to make his way in into the Holy Knights highest command.  He lives without regret and pushes through every task given to him with will that would subdue demons.  He does not believe in failing and takes every loss as a leaning experience so in his mind he never loses.  He chose to be a knight in Dawn Roar not to just be close to the King, but to truly let lose in his ability to defeat any opponent no matter what level of power they have.  This sometimes can be his downfall because he challenges opponents no matter what they claim to have accomplished giving his a reckless, chaotic edge in combat.  

Kurix sees everyone the same if they are not fairies this is because he can read the hearts and souls of everyone he comes across. He hates Giants, which he is known for slaying by the hundreds while he fought in the wars of old, man as a whole but finds a few who are 'not so bad' in his mind, blood sucking Vampire's, and most of the demons of any clan or origin.  Kurix will fight any demon he meets no matter what they do or believe he sees them as the scourge of the Earth and as King of the Fey and an up and coming knight will challenge and kill any demon he sees.

This leads to the second personality of Kurix and that is when he is in his true form, Harlequin Kurix.  He only cares of his Fey kin and will show no mercy while in this form of benevolence.  He has refused to wear his true body until he has atoned for every fairy that was killed by the Demon Clan.  After witnessing what they had down to his family and friends Kurix has a vengeful spirit which will take hold of him in combat causing him to attack the fame way he lives: without regret.

Height: Fairy: 160cm [5'3"] Human: 165cm [5'5"]
Weight: Fairy: 48kg (106lbs) Human: 68kg (150lbs)

General Appearance:Kurix is a young man of very short stature for his age, thus people usually mistake him for a child at first sight, and are bewildered when they hear his grown up voice. He has tanned skin with freckles spreading between his cheeks, long brown hair made into dreadlocks, which cover part of the right side of his face, and similarly brown eyes.  In his Fairy form he has a set of shimmering, turquoise wings that hang back when not in use.

His usual attire consists of an Ivory large hoodie topping a black full-body suit , green patterned shorts buckled at the waist with a brown belt which he keeps his weapon Áine is sheathed on, and black shoes with a white gum bottom front and back.  Like all Fey who are born of the King;s forest, Kurix, has a distinct cherry blossom scent that is given off which is exclusive to him and only him.  He even earned a nickname due to this trait.

1600 years after the Great War

Kurix Krow Harlequin was born to the Fairy King who proved through his will and loyalty to his Forest claimed victory in the Great War of the Demons.  The King became allies with the Human’s, Giant’s, and even the Endless in which they fought for.  This brought honor and glory to the name of the Great Fairy King.  Kurix, being one of the King’s many children, was allowed to live his life free as peace and joy rained in the wonderful Forest of the king.  

The war had passed and the Demon Clan had been sealed away never to return to do harm to the gods and goddess’s world they created.  Giant’s would soon be hunted as enemies of the state and the Fairy King, in his benevolence, lent aid in trying to bring peace to the land by not taking sides but being a voice to the councils of the world, beseeching them for peace.  The King’s voice would fall upon deaf ears and the merciless slaying of the giants continued for many centuries.  Kurix was still living in the blissful world of the Fey untouched by the conflicts of man and giants.  At one hundred years old he had been blessed with the Armament of the Sacred Tree, a power his father only had been a novice with.  Still considered young, Kurix, would learn to gain a great level of mastery over the ability swearing to use it to protect the Fair King’s Forest and the Sacred Tree.

Darkness Falls

Two hundred years would pass, Kurix would still be seen as a child, and the Crusade of the Giants waged on ever so violently in the outside world.  The young Kurix would have seen the human world for himself, transforming into a human himself, he would infiltrate their places of gathering or towns, and would come to find them intriguing as well as dangerous.  They were not all bad, it was the few that spoiled the lot and if they had a savior they could be liberated from their wicked ideals, Kurix had hypothesized.
 On one of the days he was returning home from a small village outside of the forest, Kurix, was greeted by a Demon by the name of Drake.  He would come to stay in the Forest which, was frowned upon by the elders of his father’s council.  Many people saw the Fey and Demon love as taboo and in time would plan to have him murdered.

The woman Drake had fell in love with was one of Kurix’s elder sisters who was a prime candidate to become the Queen of the Forest.  She saw no wrong in anyone and was essentially the incarnated spirit of Purity.  That is why Fairies of the Royal Guard attacked Drake in the darkness of night trying to slay him.  Instead they killed Kurix sister leading to the Demon Drake to go on a rampage.  Kurix and many of his kin tried to stop the rampaging beast but, his Dark Energy was too much for the Fey and they were easily slaughtered.  The Demon even went as far as to hang the decapitated, mangled bodies of his victims around the Fountain of Youth.  

The Fallen King is Born
Kurix would be spared that day due to the protection of the Sacred Tree.  His people had been annihilated and only a few of the Fairy that were away at the time and just arrived home lived.  Kurix would fall into a deep depression for one thousand years, sealing the Forest away from everyone, putting it into a state of hibernation and recovery.  Kurix would vow to seek revenge on every Demon and Giant until they no longer walked the Earth.

Kurix would awaken at the age of thirteen hundred allowing the Forest to be restricted to only Fairy folk.  The new King of the Fairy’s, Harlequin Kurix, would transform himself into a human and infiltrate the human world as one of their knights. It had been many years since he had walked among the humans and much had changed.  The Giants were all but gone, Humans were spread throughout the world, even hybrids of Demon’s known as Vampires roamed the Earth.  The New King seeing this decided to aid the King of the Holy Knights by joining their ranks and climbing the ladder to Emerald Rank in only a year.  With his ability to move under the King’s direct orders, Kurix, has chosen Dawn Roar as his home and key to hunting down the remaining Demon’s, Giant’s and corrupted soul that may wonder the Land of the Gods.

Face Claim: Doug - GANSTA

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Re: Kurix "Krow" Inneshu

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 21, 2015 12:23 pm



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