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The Flower of Aegis, Florina

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The Flower of Aegis, Florina

Post by Guest on Fri 18 Dec 2015 - 16:57

Name: Florina Herald
Title: The Flower of Aegis
Age: 19
Birth Date: July 13
Gender: Female
Rank: C-Rank [Emerald]
Race: Human
Faction: Vespa Aegis [Leader]

Undeniably a knight of honor, yet still a girl with a practical head on her shoulders, Florina puts her duty of a Holy Knight above all else. Protecting the innocent, upholding the virtuous, punishing evil doers,  Florina is practical the epitome of a heroic Knight. Some may call her a little too straight laced, and indeed she can become narrow minded to idea of protecting her ideal beliefs. However, she isn't afraid to question to the ambiguous order or outright defy one if she even smells a hint of corruption. She would sacrifice herself for her comrades in a heartbeat, but she also understands that living for one the ones she cares about is just as important as dying for them. She trains obsessively, always challenging herself so she can become stronger. While the girl does enjoy fighting, she doesn't seek strength for power, but for the ability to protect her comrades in arms and herself. She is courteous and polite, but can be set off easily of dealing with someone lazy, annoying, or cowardly. She has no cares for someone who acts vile, and will likely be the first to have her sword at their throats.

Florina is not without her sensitive side. Indeed, the girl still has a weakness for fluffly animals or cute dresses. She isn't a huge fan of sweets, but enjoys strawberry cheesecake every once and while on break. Being a big sister of three siblings, Florina can often act motherly toward her subordinates and those younger than her. She cares deeply for those closest to her, but she can get too close or rather clingy at times. Overall, Florina is a Holy Knight with just a few touches of herself.

Height: 5" 9' (175 cm)
Weight: 130lbs  (58 kg)
General Appearance:
Florina has long, straight blonde hair that is often tied up with a large ponytail. She has light blue eyes and fair, light skin. Her body is a healthy physique of muscle, with hardly any fat. Her holy Knight armor consists of the colors blue and green with silver plated armor, with a dark blue dress underneath and a long green cape. She wears a visor like headpiece on her head. While in civilian attire, Florina often wears simple dresses of the light colors, her hair sometimes let down or tied in a bun rather than a ponytail.


Florina was born the eldest child family of lower nobles in Leones. Her father a low ranked Holy Knight and her mother a court magistrate for the kingdom. Both her parents were fair and just, despite being only having minor duties, they understood that everyone had to play their part in order to uphold virtuous values. It was her parents that passed on that feeling of duty and justice to Florina and her siblings, three smaller younger brothers. Often, while her parents were both at work, Florina was left to watch over her brothers, which helped develop her responsible personality (and also possibly her short temper when dealing with annoying situations). Florina studied with her mother in the ways of the court, with this she grew a passion for the law and desire to see the unjust put to justice.

As firstborn, Florina decided to follow in the her father in becoming a Holy Knight.  Florina had exceptional talent, rising in the ranks  quickly and soon was serving side by side with her father. Here, she began developing her ability, that of protection and to protect others. Florina's ability however, would not help her at the time she would need it most.

Florina and her father were sent to a village on the outskirts of the kingdom to assist a village that had been damaged by a landslide. It was a simple enough task and all seemed to be going well, until one of the village children had wandered from the town. Florina and her father went in search of the child and found him at the edge of the mountain, still dangerously unstable from the  landslide. Suddenly rain began to fall in a thunderstorm, causing rocks to tumble down the mountainside. The group was about to be crushed from the falling boulders, but Florina's father was able to push her and the child out of the way, leaving him to be crushed.

Florina was devastated at her father's death, and blamed herself at his loss. He had been a Holy Knight, yet he was killed not fighting for his Kingdom but by her own helplessness to protect herself. It was then Florina decided she would never allow herself to be weak again. She would be strong so she could protect herself and those she cared about. Florina returned to the capital and devoted herself more than ever to her duties as a Holy Knight. Eventually, she became the leader of her own faction. As leader, she worked tirelessly so that the mistake from her past would not happen again. Still relatively young for a Holy Knig, Florina become to be known as the Flower of Aegis, the stern yet caring leader of Vespa Aegis.

RP Sample:

Strike left, now right. If the opponent counters, surprise them with a follow through!

"Hah!" Florina swung her sword straight into the core of the training dummy. Satisfied with her routine, the girl sheathed her sword with a sigh. Her eyes looking downward as she soon began critiquing her own training. "My right strike is still weaker than the left... Did I even have my stance correct during the follow through?" She whispered her criticism to herself. Anyone who could have seen the girl would have seen a Holy Knight perform a routine at its finest. So much so, that Florina had a decent amount of sweat upon her brow.

The girl had been at these training grounds all afternoon, with her eyes turned downward she could see that the shadows had become long. She smiled to herself, it wasn't uncommon for her to loose track of time while she was training. She could remember that when she did spend too long her father would come remind her to come home very once and while. It seemed that part about her hadn't changed at all. Those days were long gone when she had someone to tell her to go home. Today, the girl realized that she needed to take a break on her own orders.

Florina stretched her arms behind her back and she turned around. With long blonde ponytail swaying behind her, the Holy Knight began heading to home.

Face Claim: Forte from Rune Factory 4


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