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Blaine ( wip)

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Blaine ( wip)

Post by Guest on Fri 18 Dec 2015 - 14:30



Name:Bane Blake Mikaelson
Title:Vampire King
Age:2,000 years old
Birth Date:April 5th
Race:Vampire Clan
General Appearance:

History:Born over thousands of years ago, Bane is a full blooded Vampire pure blood. At a young age he was taught Enchantments by his father Blake. A master mage with in the Vampire Clan, as well as kings of all Vampires. Bane was taught how to use a sword at a very young age becoming a master in the art of sword play. He too fallowed in his father foot steps becoming a mage. Using magic to create the dark arts. It was the Mikaelson's legacy after all to become known spell users. Bane would spend many centruies trying to master spell craft. To become a greater mage than the Vampire before him.

Bane would walk to earth, looking for women to be hi bride. When they refused bane would rape them and kill them.

Face Claim:Batman-Batman


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