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Post by Kami on Tue 15 Dec 2015 - 16:42

Enchantments: Enchantments are spells that support a Knight. Knights may learn Enchantments at B-rank. Unlike powers Enchatments can be taught by a person knowing the say Enchantment. Currently Enchatments can only cause resistance, and be used offensive and Defensive. Enchatments can be placed on amour,weapons,and even used on people.

Damage Resistance
When creating a damage restistance chat please state what the resistance is example, fire, lighting, water, etc.
C-Rank: A minor increase in damage resistance
B-Rank:A moderate increase in damage resistance.
A-Rank: A major increase in damage resistance
S-Rank: A massive increase in damage resistance

Elemental Resistance:
D: 10% Resistance
C: 20% Resistance
B: 40% Resistance
A: 60% Resistance
S: 80% Resistance

Defending using Enchatmects
D:Protects against D-rank damage
C: Protects against C-rank damage
B: Protectsn against B-rank damage
A: Protects against A-rank damage
S: Protects against S-rank damage
SS: Protects against  SS-rank damage

D Rank: Light bruising to the skin. Slashing damage is nothing more than paper cuts. Minor 1st degree burns.
C Rank: Welts on the skin, and deep bruising. Slashing damage is little more than 1/8 an inch deep major 1st degree burns.
B Rank: Fracture bones, cause bruising to the bone, and slashing damage is 1/4 an inch deep. 2nd degree burns.
A Rank: Snap bones entirely in half, cause internal bleeding, and slashing damage is 1 inch deep. 3rd degree burns.
S Rank: They can remove limbs, powder bones, and fire attacks cause 4th degree burns.

They are usually capable of increase a person's strength and speed, but other things can be improved as well. However, they are only available for buffing type support Powers.

D: +10%
C: +20%
B: +30%
A: +40%
S: +50%
SS: +100%

Mp Cost

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Fighter's Data
Power Level:
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Stamina :
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